BP Brampton Hut, Brampton, Huntingdon

Petrogas Port Talbot Service Station, Swansea
February 17, 2015
BP Pippin, Calne
March 25, 2015

At this BP site we were required to supply and install a new Firestone EPDM Roof membrane to the entire roof including flashings, edge trims and circular flashings to all vents, pipes, etc. protruding through the roof.  We had to barrier off the rear of the store, set up a compound area and install scaffold edge protection including debris netting to the complete building perimeter.  We commenced crane set up as per the site plan and begin the removal of all redundant A/C units, satellite dishes, the old handrail system and other miscellaneous debris including years of gathered moss.

WP_20150302_024 WP_20150302_017 WP_20150302_013


Upon completion of the installation of the Firestone EPDM Roof membrane, the scaffold edge rail protection was removed and the site cleaned and tidied.  The works have ensured that due to the removal of the various equipment there is little reason to access the roof in future and the 20 year Firestone roof covering guarantee and 50 year life expectancy also gives the client long term peace of mind.

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