MRH Esso, Westminster
July 14, 2015

At this BP site on the A14 in Kettering, the canopy had suffered major structural damage.  We were initially instructed to attend and carry out a full structural survey to assess the full extent of the damage.

DSCF5325          DSCF5324

We reported our findings back to the customer who then instructed us to carry out the necessary repair works.  These consisted of; breaking out and exposing two columns to expose their base plates, dismantle the canopy back to the splice plates on the spine beams and supply and install two new canopy columns, two sections of canopy spine beams, cold rolled fascia supports, cleader rails, underlining support grid, light support frames, canopy gutter including butt straps and outlet and nominal profile underlining sheets.

image (2)          DSCF6526         DSCF6527